Sunday, May 22, 2011

Icon corner -- 2 new additions

For those of you who are not Orthodox, we like to put a prayer corner up in the house with icons and other devotional materials (you can see the cross, the palm branches from Palm Sunday, holy water and our Bible, Service Book and prayer books in this one). It is a devotional aid and a space that is set aside in the home to pray our daily prayers and to venerate God and His Saints (for example, we should always face the icon corner and make the sign of the cross when we pass it, et cetera).

We recently got Emily a new icon of the Guardian Angel (top row, 2nd from left), and we also got Stephanie's Patron Saint, Saint Stephanie of Spain (top left). Now to get Abigail a new (larger and nicer) icon of Saint Catherine -- we bought the one we have now for her birthday the Fall before we were Chrismated. The photo is a bit misleading in focus -- standing before it in our home, the icons on the bottom row are slightly below eye level, and the other four are perhaps a foot or two above eye level. Eventually we'd also like to move everything to an East-facing wall, since it faces South now due to space restrictions, and we'd like to get a vigil candle instead of the overhead lightbulb. But as things stand right now, we feel quite blessed to have the icons we have and a nice space to put them in.

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