Saturday, March 5, 2011

I have seen the Christian Church....

.....and it DOESN'T look like this.....

The Supreme Court was right -- they have a right to express their views.  They may even have a right to do it near funerals, though in my heart I don't want to accept that.  But they do not have a right to co-opt Christ and His Church.  Their view of Christ and His Church should be spoken against and soundly refuted by every Christian who values decency, honor and love. 

I could write for 20 pages on what is wrong with their view of Christ, but the simplest explanation is this:  God doesn't hate.  Not in the sense these people mean it.  Hate is an anthropomorphism, something we apply to our understanding of God.  But even when we experience God's presence in ways that frighten and chastise us, God loves us.  Each and every one of us.  We may place ourselves outside that love, but that doesn't change Who God is nor does it say anything about Who God is.  It says something about who WE are.  If I condemn others for their sins and judge them as these people do, what of MY sin?  If "those people" are condemned, what am I?  This is Pharisaical self-righteousness in its ugliest form, and at its most logical end.

The "pastor" and "parishioners" of Westboro "Baptist" "Church" (quotes added to make a point, let the reader understand) should work on that plank in their own eye before they decide to remove the specks from the eyes of others.  I won't judge them -- Christ will do that.  I do know that on that day, Christ will not ask them how many "fags" they condemned, but whether they have fed Him, clothed Him, visited Him in prison and taken him in.   He will ask whether they did this for Him by doing it for the least of these, His brethren.  I pray the people in the pictures above will one day learn to see Christ in their neighbor rather than Satan.  For just as God doesn't hate, neither will hate bring anyone into the Church.  Only love can do that.

Kyrie Eleison.  Come quickly, Lord.